Our Services

Heavy Haul Trucking - KMJ Machinery Transportation specializes in all types of heavy haul transportation services for a wide variety of needs.  Whether it’s a long cross country heavy haul or a short trip across town, you can expect professional service each step of the way.

Long Haul Trucking - As part of its specialized transportation services, KMJ Machinery Transportation provides  long haul trucking throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Overseas. Whether it is an LTL load, a unique oversized haul, or a multi axle requirement, we have the capabilities and resources to move many difference kinds of machinery and equipment over long distances.

Oversized Load - KMJ Machinery Transport has vast experience when it comes to shipping, relocating and transporting oversized loads throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Overseas. Whether it’s a an overly wide, long, tall or heavy load, we have the expertise for transporting oversized loads of various types via truck and rail.

Flatbed, Stepdeck - At KMJ Machinery Transportation we provide a wide variety of transportation solutions that include flatbed, stepdeck and specialized trucking services. Utilizing the latest equipment and technology our highly skilled operators are able to handle freight requirements of any type.  Whether you’re looking to transport a partial load across town or a full load to some point in North America or Overseas, our flatbed and stepdeck operators will move your cargo safely and on-time.

FTL, LTL, Cargo Vans - KMJ Machinery Transportation is a full-service transportation and logistics company providing FTL, LTL and Cargo Van shipping services to all industry sectors. KMJ is highly experienced in meeting your LTL and FTL unique transportation needs. Whether it’s moving a partial load of packages or sophisticated electronics and robotics, KMJ has the capabilities and resources to deliver your equipment on time and on budget.

Wind Energy Transportation - KMJ Machinery Transportation is a single source solution for wind power transportation throughout North America.  Along with our sister companies, KMJ Machinery Movers and LSI Lift Services, we will coordinate and deliver your wind power equipment safely and on-time – whether your project is routine or extremely complex.

Medical Equipment Transportation - When it comes to moving medical equipment such MRI’s, x-ray machines and other hospital equipment KMJ Machinery can provide you with the reliable expertise you need.  We move, lift transport and install sensitive medical equipment of all dimensions to various destinations throughout North America.

Transportation Logistics - KMJ Machinery Transportation is an experienced transportation logistics company that provides shipping solutions for clients in Canada, the U.S., North American and Overseas.  Together with a network of select partners we can help with all aspects of your shipping needs and ensure they arrive when and where you need them.

Freight/Customs Brokerage - KMJ Machinery Transportation is an experienced freight customs brokerage provider offering logistics solutions to companies throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Overseas. At KMJ, we understand your company has its own unique requirements.

Freight Shipping/Forwarding - KMJ Machinery Transportation provides reliable, affordable and on-time freight shipping and forwarding services to all points in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Overseas. As an experienced freight shipping and forwarding carrier, we understand the many challenges facing the increasing demand for freight transportation, whether it be overnight ground shipping, ocean shipping or transportation logistics.